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Sebastian Correa

Full Stack Software Engineer

Frontend Development

Experienced in React, React Native & HAML, using Redux & React Query, etc., to build responsive, performant, and accessible applications.

Backend Development

Experienced in backend development with both Django & Ruby on Rails, exposing endpoints in both REST and GraphQL.

Database Development

Worked with relational databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL, and new ─ cutting edge NoSQL like Firebase.


Deployed both professional and personal projects using AWS S3, Google Cloud, Heroku, and Vercel.


Professional Experience

Current Aug 2023
Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer at a prominent online survey and data analysis firm, contributing to a 20-year-old project's maintenance and the billing application's revamp. Leveraged Python, React, Jinja2, Docker, and internal libraries to integrate new functionalities to align with evolving industry demands. Proven expertise in delivering high-quality code and collaborating cross-functionally.

React Pyramid Web Framework Jinja2 AWS EKS Docker JavaScript TypeScript Python Java HTML CSS
Jun 2023 Aug 2022
Software Engineer

Took part in designing, implementing, and testing the lifecycle of new functionalities of a 10-year-old project, giving technical support throughout new and legacy features. Added value to the product by delivering and reviewing high-quality, robust production code for a 10-year-old project, collaborating with product managers to bring customers to a new in-app business model which a 70% conversion rate.

Project links
Verblio App
Angular 12 Ruby on Rails Heroku Recurly API JavaScript TypeScript Ruby HTML Bootstrap 4 Apollo SCSS CSS GraphQL
Aug 2022 Aug 2020
Full Stack Software Developer
I-Comm Solutions SAS

In charge of building custom, ground-up software for Fintech organizations, involving myself in architecture & design decisions, deployment infrastructure with AWS, and implementing, testing, and deploying production-ready code following the SCRUM methodology. Added great value to the products by fully implementing payment & subscription systems, authentication modules, and financial metrics.

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React Django Django REST Framework AWS ELB AWS EC2 Docker Kubernetes JavaScript TypeScript Python HTML MUI SCSS CSS REST
Dec 2020 Sep 2020
Tech Lead
Geomedical Health Group

Led a ground-up MVP mobile application that sent records to governmental entities about new births inside communities in rural areas where Internet connectivity is scarce. The application featured pregnant mothers' alerts on medical issues and data synchronization with the cloud whenever the app could connect to the Internet.

Project links
Partera Vital
React React Native Flask Google Cloud Google App Engine Docker JavaScript TypeScript Python HTML CSS SCSS REST


Kanji Learning Platform - 鬼門

Currently working on a web application to help Japanese Kanji learners practice with music.

NextJS React Vercel Supabase Tailwind CSS JavaScript TypeScript HTML CSS SCSS
Mobile Bird Recognizer

Fully developed an Android mobile application to recognize an endangered bird species called "Atlapetes Blancae" using a Machine Learning image classification model. Researchers are currently using it to recognize the endangered bird in rural areas of Antioquia, Colombia. The Humboldt Institute reserves the application usage rights, and permission is needed to download and use the application.

Kotlin PyTorch Android Studio Java CameraX XML Google Play Store
Artist Portfolio Website - Poshaus

Successfully transformed 100% of an Illustrator & Designer's ideas into a web portfolio called "Poshaus" using new technology paradigms. Even after finishing the envisioned product, new features are still being planned to be included.

Astro React Vercel Tailwind CSS JavaScript TypeScript HTML CSS SCSS